16.9-24 EKT-2 EKKA



Overall Diameter (mm) 1220
Side Width (mm) 420
Tread Depth (mm) 0

Technical Data

Pattern EKT-2
Ply rating 14
Type (TT/TL/Solid) TL
Max. Pressure 290.00
Max. Load (kg) 3540
Application Backhoe Loader


EKKA EKT-2 Pattern

  • The solid tread pattern significantly lowers the risk of punctures and cuts, while also diminishing tire abrasion when operating on various hard surfaces, thanks to its extensive contact area.
  • Tightly positioned blocks, increased tread depth, enhanced belt, and a reinforced sidewall in the EKT-2 model collectively minimize the potential for any mechanical damage.
  • The wear-resistant composition of the rubber mixture utilized in crafting EKKA tires not only reduces abrasion but also extends the overall lifespan of the tire.