12-16.5 T608 EKKA



Overall Diameter (mm) 836
Side Width (mm) 315
Tread Depth (mm) 0

Technical Data

Pattern T608
Ply rating 12
Type (TT/TL/Solid) TL
Max. Pressure 550.00
Max. Load (kg) 2885
Rim (inches) 9.75
Application Skid-Steer Loader


EKKA T608 Pattern

  • The enlarged tread depth, in conjunction with massive central blocks and an enhanced belt, effectively copes with any mechanical damage, extending the life of the tires when working in especially difficult conditions.
  • The massive pattern of the tread increases the wear resistance of the tire due to the larger area of the contact spot.
  • Side lugs contribute to increasing the traction properties of the tire and improve cross-country ability on viscous soils and snow.
  • Reinforced sidewall retains the integrity of the tire after contact with protruding fragments of the breed.