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At Ekka Company, we stand as a reliable force, ensuring companies are always on the move with our top-notch pneumatic and solid tires, steel wheels, and filtration solutions. Regardless of your location, trust in our unwavering commitment to providing superior service and extensive knowledge about industrial tires every single day. We seize every opportunity to propel you forward and accomplish your tasks efficiently.

Our primary objective is to solidify our position as the leading after-market supplier of tires, wheels, and filters for various industrial equipment, as well as tires and wheels for ATVs and gardening. By expanding our local presence and fostering valuable partnerships, we ensure we understand exactly what drives our customers and partners, aiming to bring a smile to their faces.

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The rapid growth of Ekka Company is attributed to our strategy of swift decision-making and manufacturing flexibility to meet customer requirements.

Remaining attuned to our customers, our business concept is simple yet effective – we listen and focus on their needs. Our dedicated team ensures that we stand by our customers, delivering the quality demanded by the market.

Thanks to our direct contracts with the sea freight companies, we guarantee quick deliveries, responding promptly to customer needs, regardless of location or time.

Why Ekka Company?

Choose Ekka Company because we deliver precisely what you ask for, every time. Our success is rooted in listening to our customers, allowing us to provide exactly what they need when they need it. We continually expand our product range to meet the diverse demands of our customers across various industries. Can't find the tire, rim, or filter you need? No worries – we always have a solution. Our goal is to keep you moving forward.


Founded to meet the escalating demand for industrial tires and filters optimizing cost per hour without compromising on quality, Ekka Company has quickly become one of the largest suppliers of second-tier industrial tires worldwide, growing year after year. Keeping Updated.

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