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Tires with a road-type tread pattern are optimal for equipment primarily used on asphalt roads. The smooth rolling design ensures stability and comfort at high speeds, while the wide and flat tread pattern provides predictable traction on hard surfaces.

The table below highlights the key characteristics of EKKA P349 tires for ATVs. For more detailed specifications on the size of your interest, simply click the button for a closer look.

SKU Name Size Ply rating Rim (inches) Overall Diameter (mm) Side Width (mm) Tread Depth (mm)
AT0050 22*10.00-10 P349 EKKA 22*10.00-10 4 8 562 260 8.0
AT0053 23*7.00-10 P349 EKKA 23*7.00-10 4 5.5 580 182 8.0