Tires are a critical component of any machinery, as they are the sole point of contact with the road surface. Ensuring that your construction and road-building equipment operates safely and efficiently hinges on the proper selection and maintenance of industrial tires.

Where to Find Tire Information

To gather essential information for purchasing new tires, a simple glance at the sidewall of your existing equipment tires is all that's needed. It's crucial to note that choosing the right tire ensures optimal performance for your loader or excavator. Key information includes:

Sidewall Drawing of The Ekka 12-16.5 Tire

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Direction of rotation
  3. Load index
  4. Size
  5. Model/Tread type
  6. Rim size
  7. Serial number


Consideration of operating conditions is crucial. Various tread types, with differing shapes and depths, cater to different road surfaces. Selecting the appropriate tire based on the type of road coverage is pivotal in achieving the best performance for your equipment.

Tire Maintenance

To maximize tire lifespan until tread wear is complete, daily checks on tire pressure and regular inspections for wear or damage are essential. Visible cracks, cuts, or deformities on the tread, sidewalls, or rim should be meticulously examined by a tire specialist. The same scrutiny applies to any other wheel damage.

Tread depth should be examined at multiple points on the tire, measured either with specialized tools or indicators embedded in the tread.

Proper Tire Inflation

Correct tire inflation is crucial not only for optimizing tire performance but also for ensuring safety. Adequate pressure supports safe vehicle control, including traction and braking, and preserves tire integrity until the tread wears out.

Incorrect tire pressure can adversely affect tire characteristics. Improperly inflated tires can lead to increased temperatures during operation, potentially causing irreversible damage to internal components and even tire failure.

Tire pressure is set individually for each type of vehicle according to the technical requirements specific to that vehicle.


Armed with the knowledge of where to find information for tire replacement and the ability to monitor tire condition throughout their lifespan, you are well-equipped. Should you have any lingering questions, feel free to reach out to our company's manager through any convenient means!