18.4-26 EKR-4 EKKA



Overall Diameter (mm) 1460
Side Width (mm) 477
Tread Depth (mm) 0

Technical Data

Pattern EKR-4
Ply rating 12
Type (TT/TL/Solid) TL
Max. Pressure 260.00
Max. Load (kg) 3950
Application Backhoe Loader


EKKA EKR-4 Pattern

  • One of the most popular tire patterns for excavators-loaders produced by EKKA features increased tread depth, reinforced sidewalls, and enhanced bead core.
  • The traction tread, composed of isolated blocks in the shape of a hockey stick, exhibits excellent self-cleaning properties, enhancing the loader's ability to navigate challenging terrains.
  • The wear-resistant rubber mixture minimizes abrasion, resulting in an extended service life.
  • Tires designed with the EKR-4 pattern are the optimal choice for equipment operating in challenging and impassable environments.