EK-3705AB EKKA Air Filter


Main Part

Main Part Length One 0
Main Part Length Two 0
Main Part Width One 0
Main Part Width Two 0
Main Part Height One 300
Main Part Height Two 0
Main Part Inner Diameter One 88
Main Part Inner Diameter Two 17
Main Part Outer Diameter One 201
Main Part Outer Diameter Two 154

Secondary Part

Secondary Part Height One 275
Secondary Part Height Two 0
Secondary Part Inner Diameter One 87
Secondary Part Inner Diameter Two 0
Secondary Part Outer Diameter One 140
Secondary Part Outer Diameter Two 0


The EK-3705AB air filter manufactured by the reputable European brand EKKA, complies with international quality standards and serves as a reliable analogue to renowned filters, including:

Fleetguard AF409K, AF1980

Donaldson P182054, P131394

Explore the comprehensive list of analogues for the EK-3705AB filter in the OEM and Analogues tabs for a complete overview of compatible options. Trust in the quality and performance that EKKA consistently delivers.