22*11.00-8 P322 EKKA



Overall Diameter (mm) 558
Side Width (mm) 277
Tread Depth (mm) 14

Technical Data

Pattern P322
Ply rating 2
Type (TT/TL) TL
Max. Pressure Unit psi
Max. Load (kg) 155
Rim (inches) 9
Application ATV


EKKA P332 Pattern

  • The tread pattern of this model is designed with a garden-friendly layout, mitigating the negative impact of tires on the lawn and upper soil layers. This is achieved through closely spaced tread blocks with a shallow depth.
  • On solid road surfaces such as asphalt, Ekka's P332 tire pattern excels at efficiently eliminating excess moisture from the contact spot. This is made possible by the incorporation of small slots in each tread block.