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The tread design is specifically crafted for challenging working conditions, offering impressive wear resistance and a massive pattern that protects the tire from reinforcement, broken glass, and stone fragments, providing enhanced durability.

Z601 tires are tailored for operations on rocky surfaces, concrete, and asphalt sites. These tires have gained popularity due to their versatility and comparatively lower price compared to other tire options, making them a cost-effective choice.

The table below provides key characteristics of the EKKA Z601 tires for wheel-loaders. For more comprehensive details on specific tire sizes, follow the page of the product you are interested in.

SKU Name Size Ply rating Type (TT/TL/Solid) Load Index Speed Index Rim (inches) Tread Depth (mm)
IT0016 16/70-20 Z601 EKKA 16/70-20 14 TTF 165 A8 0.0
IT0017 16/70-24 Z601 EKKA 16/70-24 14 TTF 168 A8 0.0