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Introducing the foundational non-marking model of solid tires designed for fork loaders by EKKA with the ability to install tires on a rim without the use of locking rings. A universal tread pattern allows you to effectively operate the loader both in open warehouses and in covered warehouses. The non-marking compound of the rubber mixture allows the use of these tires in food and pharmaceutical production.

The large area of ​​the contact spot provides the necessary stability of the loader during operation, and the tread blocks with a large number of acute faces are guaranteed by high clutch indicators.

The table below presents the main characteristics of the EKKA Standart tires for fork loaders. You can see more complete characteristics of the size of the size of interest by clicking on the button in more detail.

SKU Name Size Ply rating Type (TT/TL/Solid) Load Index Speed Index Rim (inches) Tread Depth (mm)
IT0043 16*6-8 CLIP NM EKKA 16*6-8 0 Solid 0 0 0.0
IT0050 200/50-10 CLIP NM EKKA 200/50-10 0 Solid 0 0 0.0
IT0052 21*8-9 CLIP NM EKKA 21*8-9 0 Solid 0 0 0.0
IT0054 23*9-10 CLIP NM EKKA 23*9-10 0 Solid 0 0 0.0
IT0058 27*10-12 CLIP NM EKKA 27*10-12 0 Solid 0 0 0.0
IT0060 28*9-15 CLIP NM EKKA 28*9-15 0 Solid 0 0 0.0