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The mud-specific directional tread pattern enhances the expulsion of water and dirt from the contact area, resulting in improved traction when navigating through muddy terrain.

Below is a table outlining the key features of both the front and rear Ekka P377 tires designed for ATVs. For more detailed specifications on the size of your interest, simply click the button for a closer look.

SKU Name Size Ply rating Rim (inches) Overall Diameter (mm) Side Width (mm) Tread Depth (mm)
AT0056 25*8.00-12 P377 EKKA 25*8.00-12 4 6.5 638 200 16.0
AT0061 25*10.00-12 P377 EKKA 25*10.00-12 4 8 630 253 16.0