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The directional road pattern of the P354 model ensures predictable controllability on any hard surface, and a multitude of grooves within the tread pattern facilitates effective water drainage from the contact area without compromising traction. The tires featured in this performance are ideal for ATV enthusiasts who primarily ride on asphalt roads.

The table below outlines the key characteristics of the front and rear Ekka P354 tires designed for ATVs. For more detailed specifications on the size of your interest, simply click the button for a closer look.

SKU Name Size Ply rating Rim (inches) Overall Diameter (mm) Side Width (mm) Tread Depth (mm)
AT0035 20*10.00-9 P354 EKKA 20*10.00-9 4 8 505 257 8.0
AT0046 21*7.00-10 P354 EKKA 21*7.00-10 4 5.5 535 181 8.0
AT0059 25*8.00-12 P354 EKKA 25*8.00-12 4 6.5 635 213 8.0
AT0064 25*10.00-12 P354 EKKA 25*10.00-12 4 8 635 248 8.0