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The P348 model provides a directional sport pattern with enhanced depth, ensuring reliable control and efficient braking on loose soil.

Tread blocks with numerous sharp edges help maintain trajectory during dynamic, maneuverable driving.

The table below highlights the key features of Ekka P348 front tires for ATVs. For more detailed specifications on the size of your interest, simply click the button for a closer look.

SKU Name Size Ply rating Rim (inches) Overall Diameter (mm) Side Width (mm) Tread Depth (mm)
AT0044 21*7.00-10 P348 EKKA 21*7.00-10 4 5.5 530 171 15.0
AT0052 23*7.00-10 P348 EKKA 23*7.00-10 4 5.5 577 175 15.0